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Two words describe our approach to your comfort: we listen. Above all else, we want you to always feel in control. We make sure that you are completely numb before we start any work! We ask for your feedback to ensure painfree anesthesia and we listen and make any necessary adjustments. When you first come into our office you will have the opportunity to fill out a comfort menu to less us know which of these options you would like as well as a Please Handle Me With Care Form that also will indicate to Dr. Tau things that bother you while you are in the dental chair. Dr. Tau really cares about your comfort while you are having your work done.


In our waiting room you will find yourself wondering if you are really visiting your dentist or are still in your living room as you relax in comfortable chairs and watch television on a flat-screen TV.


We also have a refreshment center offering cool or hot beverages and snacks to enjoy before or after your visit. To help you drown out the noise of the dental visit (which is the worst part for some patients), we offer iPods with personalized playlists that you can use to listen to some of your favorite music.


We also offer TV monitors in all treatment rooms, where you can watch TV or one of the many movies or sitcoms in our DVD library. Many of our patients have said that this alone makes the visit fly by! And most of our patients who are parents state that this is the only quiet time they get to sit down and watch something relatively uninterrupted!!)


We also offer massage features in all the treatment chairs, to allow for a comfortable and relaxing visit.


The newest addition to our comfort menu is the ability to have Dr. Tau use OraVerse. OraVerse is the first and only product of its kind to rapidly reverse the effects of your local anesthetic so you can feel, speak, smile and drink normally in approximately half the time. It has been proven to accelerate the return of normal sensation and function following rountine dental treatment.


If all of this is still not enough to make you feel calm and relaxed while you are here, Dr. Tau, also a sedation dentist, can prescribe oral medication that will reduce your anxiety, or you can request that Dr. Tau use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during your visit. After the visit Dr. Tau will offer you hot, moist towels to clean up.


Click here to view the Dr. Tau's video on Sedation Dentistry

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